Build robots. Take over the world.

Ryan L. Kopf

Welcome to the official website of Ryan Kopf, owner of the moon. Ryan builds robots. Or, he will build robots. Eventually these robots will be part of your daily lives, taking out your trash, doing your laundry, and making life easier for everyone.

And then of course, that's when the robots will rise up and take over the world. We currently predict this will happen around year 2024.

Robot parts are expensive, so Ryan and the henchmen do a lot of other things in the meantime. Ryan's projects include multiple fun things, including anime conventions, various websites, and even a TV show pilot. Ryan currently spends his time plotting world domination, and expanding his moon base.

It's a really big moon base. It's got, umm... space things.

Ryan Kopf

My Philosophy

Technology education should be more accessible. Education in technology, computer programming, and engineering should be a priority in all schools, even for young children. Children who become adults with expert skills in computers have a tremendous advantage in the world.
Let us encourage nerdiness and geekiness. School athletic programs get millions of dollars poured into new stadiums even in communities where classrooms barely have enough chalk. Working hard in school and taking advanced classes should be made more rewarding than playing a sport.

My Beliefs

Geeks and nerds can be fantastic people. In my experience, geeks and nerds can be the most accepting and kind people in the world. We have raised thousands for charities and created some of the most welcoming communities in the world.
Nothing is more important than people. I often speak about replacing people with robots because I value technology, but it also frustrates me when people are overworked with little benefit. I would like to turn more factory workers lifting heavy boxes into software engineers that program robots to do the work. These people can live longer, happier lives.
We have responsibilities to each other. I believe every person has a responsibility to every other person on the planet. This obligation need not be huge, so little as smiling at strangers can make a difference to some people.
Technology is mankind's greatest gift. Technology has, in just the past few centuries, given millions of us a much higher quality of life. Every advancement in technology from the discovery of fire to the invention of the microchip has been a tremendous benefit to mankind.
Do not stress over the little things. I believe in focusing on what can be changed more than worrying about what can not. Sometimes there are small details in our lives that don't go our way, but we can't let these things distract us.
Sharing knowledge should be a priority. When knowledge is shared freely, new ideas and technologies are discovered. Some people would rather restrict knowledge or the use of it, even though it has never been proven that original idea creators will decide not to work if they can't profit alone from their ideas.