Planning for Japan Trip

Posted in: Ryan Kopf's Blog
I hope to visit Japan in the next month to get an opportunity to really experience the culture and language, and hopefully use some of it to apply towards making the conventions even better. Places I definitely plan to visit are:
  • Harujuku - For all the crazy fashions
  • Kyoto - For all the temples and heritage
  • A Maid Cafe
  • Maybe I'd get the courage to go to a host club, lol, probably not.
  • Many lolita fashion stores
  • Tokyo International Anime Fair
I'll be sure to try to take as many notes as possible, and document as much of my journey as I can. Since I expect to stay for a little less than a month, I hope to absorb as much of the culture as possible, and use it to make our anime conventions even more authentic to their support of Japanese culture.


I have, however, been studying as much as I can. Some of the most useful resources have been these flash games for memorizing various phrases and words, and the practice for practicing my Hiragana. I've been scoring 99% on my hiragana, and on several of the other quizzes, but next I need to work on memorizing more Kanji and all of Katakana (again). I took an entire year of Japanese while at the University of Iowa, and while I've forgotten most of it, it seems to be coming back rather easily.

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