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I have one of the best jobs in the world, getting to organize anime conventions that are focused on creating really fun events for people to enjoy. Thousands of people attend these events, such as Anime Midwest, every year, to meet special guests from America and from abroad.

As part of inviting guests to our events, we get to spend time every year in Japan! This year, is condensing our travels into a fun YouTube series of "30 days in Japan"! We will eat some fantastic food and see many cultural sites that you may know from many anime references, so join us on our YouTube Channel to watch us explore Japan for 30 whole days.
Of course, we have plenty of business to do while we're in Japan too. We are meeting with several company's that represent some of the largest musical artists in Japan, as well as individual animators, fashion designers, and more.'s deep connections Japan go back at least 6 years, as we have been travelling to and from Japan regularly in support of our annual conventions.
I'm absolutely thrilled about the amazing special guests we will get to be announcing this year, especially at Anime Midwest, and I hope you are too! Keep an eye on our video series and our website for the latest special guest updates and more.
Our video series will cover some of the really cool places we're going - such as our side trips to Osaka where we will do fun things like try fugu (pufferfish) and eat sushi and more! We will take a side trip to Nara's deer park, and we may even get to see monkies at the base of the mountains in Kyoto. We'll see a really cool bamboo grove in Arashiyama in west Kyoto, and we will get to experience some of the freshest eel Japan has to offer too.

If you like Japanese anime, amazing food, and learning about other cultures, then you will absolutely want to subscribe! See you there!

In this video: My first travel tip! So for my first travel tip to share with you all, I'm going to talk about how to get a comfortable seat! Tip: Find an empty flight for more room! International flights are harder for airlines to change due to regulations across multiple countries - and that means getting on a more empty flight is easier, because the airlines can't easily switch to a smaller airplane or reduce number of flights, because they're often negotiated with various government agencies. Take time to look at the seat maps of flights when you're booking, and if one flight is more empty than others, you have a better chance of getting a good seat with an empty seat next to you, than if you booked a fuller flight. Several times on our trips to Japan, we've gotten entire rows to ourselves in economy class - at that point, you basically have a business class seat, without paying five thousand dollars for it. We'll share more travel tips as we go along in Japan.

See you!

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