Promoting the usage of Self Help seminars in high schools.

I don't believe that the school system is putting enough effort into keeping their students in a positive state of mind. In present day america, students are failing classes, as well as grades, because of their inability to focus in class. The students i am particularly worried about are those who can't focus, not because they have learning disorders, but because they cant get over knowing everyone is staring at them. Or stressing over whats going to be said to them today. I think the school system should start focusing more on the problems within the student body as opposed to trying to fix these kids directly. Mostly because they AREN'T BROKEN... They're just scared. Most schools claim to be doing this. But, i think we could do it better. Sooo. Possibility of creating peer counseling programs within the school system to help those who are afraid to talk to anyone... Discuss?
We have something like that at my school, but not too many people choose to use it.
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