I know exactly why we don't have any electric monorails going from city to city. It takes tremendous amounts of electricity to make something that huge move. Not to mention the materials that would be needed to make the rails, stations, and cars. This would be a government project, meaning that tax money would be used to build it. It would use so much money that they would have to raise taxes for everyone in both cities, and every place in between where there would be a station. Yes, I do agree that it's a good idea, but it's completely unrealistic.
Oct 17, 10 at 1:27am
I don't know if electric monorails would be too expensive or what, but there are plenty of considerations to take along with the idea. Taxes would probably go up to fund that kind of project - but what if there were enough monorails that you most people didn't need a car anymore? What if the tax increases were less than the cost of owning a car? What if taxes for road maintenance go down because we're driving cars less? What if every one of us ends up saving money in the end? I think it's important not to dismiss an idea simple as "too unrealistic" when these kinds of revolutionary ideas can transform our world and save us money at the same time.
You're missing something very key here. Most people have a car for the exact reason that they dislike public transportation. It's not about the cost for some people, it's really about their likes and dislikes. And although it does make sense that taxes on road maintenance and things like that would decrease, the taxes to build the monorails would have to be put into effect first, meaning they would go up before they went down again. And with how long it would take to build an electric monorail, those high taxes for an extended period of time would deter most people.
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