Jul 12, 10 at 2:52pm
I think we should support windmills. Lots and lots of windmills. Wind energy is very renewable, and extremely ridiculously clean.
Although this type of energy is both renewable and clean, it's completely unrealistic. Windmills take hundreds of thousands of dollars to build, not to mention the fact that wind isn't always blowing. Yes, there are windmills in places in the midwest, but it doesn't make sense to build them in most places. For the places that can't have windmills, transporting the electricity from point A to point B would be ridiculously expensive and not worth it, not to mention that it would really raise the prices for the people consuming said electricity.
Oct 17, 10 at 1:19am
Wind energy is very economically competetive, especially consider America is called the "Saudi Arabia of wind power". Wind is an inexhaustible, infinitely renewable resource. The cost of building wind turbines, and the cost of transporting electricity efficiently, has been going down at a pretty reasonable pace. What evidence is there that wind power is not economically viable? Why are companies like MidAmerican Energy building so many wind turbines then? The evidence points to the fact that wind power is becoming the most economically sound choice for energy. I think we should speed up this conversion to wind power with additional capital investment.
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